Amazon Deal Of The Day: Up To 40 Percent Off Diapers

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Today seems like one of the best days to be a Prime member, parents.

Amazon is currently offering a deal on diapers for consumers that will give parents up to 40 percent off on Huggies for their babies.

The online retailer has boxes that contain a one month supply of Huggies Snug & Dry diapers in various sizes on sale for 20 percent off. That means shoppers can up diapers for as low as $0.17 per count with this almost unbelievable deal.

The catch is that consumers might have a Prime membership to be able to get this low price.


However, this deal is a gift that keeps on giving because an additional 20 percent off will also be applied when Prime members “Subscribe & Save” to Amazon Family.

The “Subscribe & Save” feature consists of the the member selecting five or more products to always be sent money on their desired delivery day. This service is known to help shoppers unlock even more savings, and comes with free standard shipping.

Amazon Family is the additional Prime service that offers exclusive deals on family-related products including 20 percent off diaper and baby food subscriptions.

Keep in mind that this discounted offer applies to one eligible item (so one box of Huggies) on the first subscription. In other words, the consumer won’t keep getting 20 or even 40 percent off this item moving forward.

It’s not clear how long this 40 percent off combined offer will last, so now appears the perfect time to stock up for expecting parents or those running low on their current supply.



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  1. I’d imagine their in-house geeks think they can do a better job and don’t feel like doing the extra work to export the data to Google (which I believe th#ye&8217;re legally obliged to do – at least MTA-NYCT is.)

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