Stream HBO Now While You Can: Channel Won’t Be Streaming On Amazon Prime Next Year

HBO will not extent its Amazon Channels deal past 2018

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One of the great things about Prime’s streaming service is that chord cutters can still watch content from their favorite premium cable channels via the platform’s add-on channels (that cost extra per month).

By those who love watching HBO won’t be able to stream TV series like Game of Thrones and its blockbuster movies much longer.

The decision to remove HBO’s content from Amazon’s streaming service was announced by HBO chairman and CEO Richard Plepler during Time Warner’s first-quarter earning calls on Wednesday.

Plepler revealed that making HBO available through Amazon Channels has been very successful thus far, causing an “enormous momentum” of sales. And it’s the success in subscribers that is exactly why HBO won’t be extending the licensing deal.

Instead, HBO will focus on its own standalone streaming HBO Now.

Cutting ties with Amazon makes sense since its own streaming platform is essentially competing with itself. Why have customers signing up via Amazon Channels when they can do directly to HBO to start their subscription?

The licensing deal was originally signed back in 2014 for an estimated $250 million, where Amazon would offer customers the ability to stream a version of HBO for $14.99 and Cinemax for $9.99 per month.

At the time of the deal signing, HBO would make it’s new original series like Game of Thrones available on Amazon three years after the series finished its run. The decision to not extend the deal to include 2018 and beyond means series like Girls won’t never be available for Prime users.

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