How To Download Movies And TV Series On Netflix

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Christmas has come early for Netflix members.

The streaming service announced on Wednesday the launch of offline mode for viewing content. This means that subscribers can now download content to watch offline without needing connection to the Internet.

This offline feature comes at no additional cost for all plans.

The ability to download movies and TV series allows users to take Netflix content with them on the go for watching on their phones or tablets and during times when they have no service such as when in-flight.


So how exactly does one download movies and TV series?

Well, first it’s worth mentioning that not all content is available for download. Netflix revealed that some fan favorites such as Orange is The New Black, Narcos and The Crown are available to download now. However, more movies and series are “on the way.”

Here’s how to download on Netflix:

To download available content, update the Netflix app for iOS or Android and launch the app. Then after launching the app, the user will be informed about the new “Download & Go” feature, being told that they should “look for the [download] symbol to download movies and TV episodes to watch on the go without using data.

Netflix is making it easy to find which titles are including for offline viewing its its new “Available for Download” section. This can be found by tapping on the three line icon to the upper left corner. After finding the desired content, simply tap on the download icon. The title will have a blue phone with a check mark icon after the download is complete.


In this drop down menu, users can also view “My Downloads,” to access all the content they downloaded when ready to watch that is saved in one location.

Now you will be able to watch these titles anytime, anywhere, without needing WiFi or using data.


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