VR CaptoGlove Controller Available For $40 Off For A Limited-Time

Get the wireless VR controller glove for $210

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Looking to take your gaming to the next level? Then it’s time to and hands free by using your hands to play.

This is made possible thanks to the CaptoGlove, a wireless video game controller for gaming and smart devices that helps to make the gaming experience more immersive.

The CaptoGlove is perfect for virtual reality games. It uses natural hand movements and gestures to dictate controls and commends in the game.

The glove connects via Bluetooth without the need for additional software or hardware, allowing gamers to use it with any game for the PC and other platforms like VR and AR.

After being funded on Kickstarter, the CaptoGlove is set it launch on Amazon and Gadget Flow later this month.

So in celebration of the VR controller’s retail release, the company is offering a promotion for gamers to get $40 off the CaptoGlove starting today until May 21.

Those interested in getting the glove on sale for $210 instead of its retail price of $250 can do so now on CaptoGlove.com.

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